What is that Rash around my Baby’s Mouth – Drool Rash?

A couple of days ago we received a question from a concerned mom of a 6 years old baby boy. She was concerned that there is some new kind of rash appearing on her baby’s skin near the lips joints and sometimes it appears on his neck as well. She sent us pictures as well (which we cannot share here due to our privacy policy), but upon close inspection and discussing the matter in detail with the mom; our experts have come to the conclusion that it is what is called as Drool Rash in common language.

So, to answer the question “Rash around my Baby’s mouth – Drool Rash” we decided to write this article in order to Drool Rash in Babieshelp others as well. A drool rash, as the name suggests is caused by drooling from a baby’s mouth. This drooling can be caused by several factors which include eating a particular kind of food especially a mashed banana or it may be due to teething. A pacifier can also cause a drool rash because its sides can become damped with saliva or if it is summers, sweatiness and thus causing dampness around the lips edges.

How to Identify Drool Rash?

If you can see a rash around baby’s lips and it is a drool rash you most definitely will also see that your baby is drooling as well. If not, in drool rash the skin becomes typically flat or slightly raised patches appears with small red bumps. Not only you will see this condition around the mouth but also on the neck and/or chest as well.

How to treat Rash around my Baby’s Mouth – Drool Rash?

First of all the cause of drool rash is drooling, which you cannot prevent. However, you can reduce the amount of drooling, which we will explain in a bit. The first steps that you need to take are to keep the baby mouth and the edges of the lips clean by using a soft cloth. Remember just pat dry the drool, do not rub it. You will cause severe itchiness and uneasiness in the already sensitive skin of the baby, so just gently tap to dry the drool.

Secondly, use a bib to cover the neck and chest area from the drool. A bib will absorb any drool falling down on the skin underneath, and thus the drool rash will not spread to other areas of the skin.

Thirdly, if it is teething age of your child give him a cold, not frozen, clean teething ring to chew on, not only this will help in reducing the drool but also soothe the gums of your baby.

You can use petroleum jelly, which is not only good for moisturizing but works miracles on slight cuts and bruises or something similar to it. Browse Amazon.Com for Drool Rash Creams


As we have mentioned time and again, cleanliness is the key. Wash your baby’s face with clean water, use baby soap to clean up. Pat dry the affected skin, do not rub it. Use unscented detergents, if possible get detergents that are mild and approved to be used on baby clothes. Buy detergents for baby clothes here

We wish you best of luck and hope that you enjoy every moment with your little angel. Don’t worry, Don’t panic and it is a good practice to ask before acting on yourself.

Feel free to ask us any questions related to your baby rash.


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