How to Treat Baby Rash:


The Normal Baby Rash or Newborn Baby Rash:

As the name suggests, it is very common and it is Normal if a baby develops this type of rash. It is also known as Erythema toxicum neonatorum. This rash develops from a couple of hours after delivery to two weeks’ time.  In some cases, it is reported to have appeared after a month and a half after birth. This type of rash resembles the rash near acne in adults, but please be careful do not confuse this rash with acne and do not use any type of acne cure products on this rash.

It is believed that the normal baby rash will not cause any discomfort to your baby.


Baby Acne:

Baby Acne sometimes referred to as Neonatal acne appears after one month after birth. It resembles little pimples. Most of the time this type of acne appears on the forehead and chin of the baby. They will vanish on their own but sometimes they can get worse before disappearing completely.

Keeping your baby clean, washing him with a mild baby soap and keeping him dry in a humid environment will help in the disappearance of Baby acne as soon as possible.


Nappy Rash or Diaper Rash:

One of the most common rashes in babies is the nappy rash or diaper rash. It occurs due to the use of a nappy or a diaper, what happens is that air from outside is blocked to reach the skin of the baby, and the baby sweats and remains humid in his own urine-soaked nappy or diaper causing this rash.

This kind of rash can sometimes be very irritating and may cause the skin to itch. You can moisturize the skin of your baby or put some diaper rash cream on the affected area and this rash will clear up quickly. To avoid this type of baby rash, change the diaper or nappy frequently and if possible leave your baby with a nappy or diaper for a couple of hours so that the baby can dry up and relax as well.


If you see a red circle on the body of your baby. It may be ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal infection and can develop anywhere in the body of your baby. It can be treated by using creams available in your local pharmacy, normally the treatment for ringworms is available without a prescription. All you have to do is be careful to buy the ones meant for baby skin only.


Cradle Cap:

It is a greasy and yellowish type patch that will develop on the head and adjoining face area. It is mostly caused by an oily skin. This rash is not contagious and does not require special treatment. Softly brushing the hair of your baby and applying a mild hair lotion will make the Cradle cap go away. Always use baby shampoo to wash the hair of your baby.

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