What is a Baby Rash?

A rash is the change in the surface of one’s skin. It may become bumpy, red, or irritated. Baby Rash is a very common occurrence. The baby rash can be caused by several factors and most of the time it will go away by itself. Under normal circumstances, it’s not a matter of getting worried about.

What Causes Baby Rash

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As mentioned earlier, there are many types of Rashes in Babies like:

  1. The newborn rash

  2. Baby acne

  3. Nappy rash (Diaper Rash)

  4. Ringworm

  5. Cradle cap

  6. Mouth, Hand and foot disease

  7. Sweat rash

  8. Hives

  9. Impetigo

  10. Blocked oil glands

  11. Scabies

  12. Slapped cheek syndrome

  13. Eczema

What are the Causes of a Baby Rash?

Most of these rashes are normal and will go away in a week or two; all you have to do is keep your baby clean and keep its clothes and crib clean as well.

Some rashes in babies occur because of changes in the environment, i.e., transitioning from the mother’s womb to the open world. Since there is a lot of difference in the environment, not to mention the pollution in our air, this sudden exposure causes the skin to react, and this reaction causes Baby Rash.

In addition, weather and temperature changes are among the biggest causes of baby rash. Whether the temperature drops down, rises, or becomes dry or humid, the baby’s skin will react to those changes. The rash caused by a change in temperature would normally go away on its own and won’t bother your baby much. Using some mild moisturizing creams in a dry season and keeping the baby dry when it’s hot and humid will prevent the rash from happening at all. The most common baby rash is the baby diaper rash, as mothers tend to use diapers more frequently to keep the urine or stool from leaking but leaving a wet diaper on for long periods of time can cause severe diaper rash. Diaper rash causes extreme uneasiness and itchiness in babies and it can easily be avoided by changing the diaper more frequently and leaving the baby without a diaper for some hours so that the skin can get dry and breathe. If you need to learn how to treat diaper rash, visit this site.

Baby Rash Treatment and Cure:

Baby Rash Treatment and CureYou have to be very careful while choosing soap, shampoo, and moisturizer for your child. It should be either herbal (even homemade) or explicitly manufactured for the babies. Remember your normal moisturizing soap will not take care of that very delicate skin, DO NOT use routine soaps and shampoos on your baby’s skin. It is very sensitive and will cause a severe rash.

In the market, a number of manufacturers are making Soap, Shampoos, Moisturizers, and Lotions for babies only. You may use any of those which are made by some reputable and trustworthy companies. The pH level of these soaps and shampoos is adjusted such that they are good for the sensitive skin of your baby and also baby shampoos won’t irritate the eyes of your baby so that’s another plus. Moisturizers are very delicate and sometimes mama can also use them.

Updated November 14, 2023