What Causes Baby Rash?

Last Update: May 29, 2018

Different things can cause a baby rash. One thing that you as a parent have to remember is that most of these rashes are not dangerous and that the baby’s immune system combined with the effect of breast milk (if your baby is taking it) will help her fight the rash on its own. Any baby rash will not last more than two weeks and if for some reasons theWhat Causes Baby Rash? Causes and treatments rash is taking longer than two weeks you should consult your baby’s pediatrician.

Causes of Baby Rash

Just like any other skin condition, rash can be caused by a number of reasons. The number one reason being the lack of cleanliness. A baby cannot go out on himself, neither can she play in the open, all the things that the baby gets is from the surroundings and the parents or the people handling the little angels. You should always make sure the clothes your baby is wearing are clean, the crib is clean and free from dirt, the baby seat is clean and that the toys your baby is playing with are clean as well.

Use Baby Products to Avoid Baby Rash

To maintain the cleanliness of your baby you should always purchase products that are specifically made for babies. Whether that is a soap, a shampoo, detergent or any kind of disinfectant it should be for the babies only. Most of the time the rash is caused by using the wrong soap, a good moisturizing soap for adults is not suitable for babies. So is the case with lotions, if you use your lotion on the skin of your baby you are exposing her skin to chemicals that her skin is not ready for. A shampoo for babies not only helps strengthen her hair but also protects her scalp and eyes, yes baby shampoo will not burn the eyes of your baby.

Baby Rash Due to Exposure in Womb

Some rashes occur because of exposure of a baby to the hormones in the womb, you cannot do anything about that but as mentioned earlier a baby’s immune system will get rid of that rash. Some rashes occur because another family member has a skin condition which will pass along to your baby in that case if you suspect somebody has got a skin condition, an allergy or anything similar to this should avoid handling the baby directly.

Other Causes of Baby Rash

Causes of baby rash also include dampness and wetness of the baby skin. Make sure your baby stays dry all the time. If you are living in a hot and humid environment, try to put on loose clothes, frequently dry the baby sweat. Change his side, do not let your baby lay on his back all the time, let the air pass through his body. If you are using a nappy or a diaper make sure your baby stays dry. While changing the nappy or a diaper, first pat dry the skin of your baby. If What Causes Baby Rash?available put some baby powder on the baby skin especially the area that is covered by the nappy or a diaper. Always change nappy or diaper when you suspect it is getting wet, do not leave your baby in a wet diaper. Whenever your baby passes stool in the diaper, immediately throw that diaper away, clean the baby and put on a fresh diaper.

Other rashes are caused by germs. Germs are everywhere and to get rid of them is through sanitation. A clean house is a germ and disease free house. Clean your hands and face with a good antibacterial soap before handling your baby. Dirty and not properly washed dishes can also be cause for different kind of conditions in babies, always use clean utensils for your baby.

In some cases, the rash can be the result of a virus, in that case, you have to take your baby to the doctor so that he can prescribe some kind of oral antibiotic or some antibacterial cream. While applying the cream make sure you do not touch those parts of the baby which are not infected and always wash your hands before and after applying the cream.


In conclusion, we suggest that do not panic if there appears a rash on the body of your baby, find out the reasons (causes) of the baby rash, read about different kinds of baby rash and then according to the type of baby treat it accordingly. We know when your baby is in pain, you are in pain but trust us a baby rash will most of the time go away on its own and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to help you understand your baby rash.