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Mouth Hand and Foot Disease:Mouth Hand and Foot Disease

Unlike other baby skin rashes Mouth Hand and Foot Disease is viral. In this kind of rash, you should expect your baby to run a fever and feel uneasiness. The signs of this rash are that blister like pimples will appear on the Hands, feet and even in the mouth of your baby. Baby’s immune system is enough to get rid of this kind of rash but still if the fever gets higher or your baby’s rash worsens do consult your pediatrician.


Sweat Rash (Prickly Heat):Sweat Rash (Prickly Heat)

An another most common baby rash is the sweat rash. Sweat rash or Prickly heat occurs mostly in hot and humid environments. If your baby is covered and her sweat glands have blocked this rash will develop. In this kind of rash, the skin of your baby becomes bumpy and reddish. Sweat Rash or Prickly Heat rash appear mostly in the underarms, rash on neck, and a rash between the legs near the privates. So when you notice baby rash on the neck it could be sweet rash. The best way to get rid of sweat rash or prickly heat is to dry up the baby skin, wear her loose clothing and you may use some baby prickly heat powder.




If the rash on your baby appears to be red and the skin feels swollen, she might have hiHives in Babyves. Hives is normally caused by an allergic reaction to some food that the baby ate or in the case of a breastfed baby it may even be caused by the food that the mother took.

Just like other rashes, hives will also go away on its own. If hives appear more frequently keep an eye on what the baby ate or you ate, the baby may be allergic to it and if you cannot determine what it is causing hives in your baby do consult your baby’s pediatrician to determine the cause of the allergy.



Impetigo Rash:

Impetigo is a highly contagious rash and is mostly caused by a direct contact of yoImpetigo Rash in Babiesur baby with someone who has impetigo. It also may appear after eczema. Your baby will have yellowish scalp and it is bumpy, in some cases, it may appear as if your baby has extremely dry skin. Impetigo causes sores and bristles in the skin. Impetigo starts around nose, face and may spread to the limbs.

Impetigo is normally treated with antibiotics prescribed by your baby’s doctor. The role of antibiotics is to speed up the healing process as impetigo heals on itself as well in 10-15 days but the accompanying fever and pain causes discomfort in babies and that’s why antibiotics are preferred. Try to keep your hands and your baby’s hands and especially area around the nails clean.



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